The Misson Of Two Generations Of Women-About SangLuo

There are many forks in the road of life. The difficulty is to only do one thing in a lifetime.

The 69-year-old Wang Chunhua did it. Silk reeling used to be a craft for her to earn a living, and later became a career she has persisted in for more than 50 years. In the 1980s, she experienced the "Cocoon War", putting cash in sacks to grab the source of cocoons. In the 1990s, the traditional silk reeling industry declined rapidly, but she introduced advanced equipment and technology, extended the industrial chain, opened printing and dyeing factories, and garment factories, allowing traditional silk reeling skills to go overseas. No matter how the outside world changes, Wang Chunhua said, "I will do this all my life."

More than 30 years after Wang Chunhua joined the silk reeling factory, her daughter Yu Jinjian founded a brand called Sangluo. Compared with previous silk reeling companies, Sangluo is younger, understands trends and trends better, and has a wider market. What remains unchanged is the persistence of traditional intangible cultural heritage skills. Yu Jinjian said, "I am a child who grew up drinking silk reeling water." Everything she and her mother did was to better pass on the silk reeling skills.

This is a relay that spans half a century and belongs to two generations of women. There are many thrilling waves of the times in the story, the collision and innovation of tradition and trend, but the most touching thing is their persistence in traditional skills. "A cocoon" and "a thread" closely linked the fate of two generations of women.

(The Tanqiu Silk Reeling Factory)

Looking back now, almost all of Yu Jinjian's childhood memories are related to the Tanqiu Silk Reeling Factory. When she was born, her mother, Wang Chunhua, was already the director of the silk reeling factory. She was busy with factory affairs every day and often came home early in the morning. While studying, Yu Jinjian did not go to other places during the winter and summer vacations, but stayed in the silk reeling factory and followed the workshop workers to shuttle around the factory.

At that time, Yu Jinjian was curious about everything he saw, "like to ask why". Why does the silk reeling machine turn like this? Why do silkworm cocoons choose this way? What determines the price of silkworm cocoons? The workers in the workshop patiently told her about it.

During her growth, the Tanqiu Silk Reeling Factory gradually expanded from a small factory building with more than 20 people to two buildings, with its own printing and dyeing factory and garment factory, and later built a "Silver Silk Factory" Bridge" bridge, which is convenient for workers in the factory to commute to and from work. She can say without hesitation, "I grew up drinking silk reeling water, which is different from others." Others may just come to work and make money, but the silk reeling factory is her home.

His mother, Wang Chunhua, was a craftsman who began to study silk reeling in the 1970s. But her mother never taught Yu Jinjian to reel silk, so she embarked on another path, and she loved doing business since she was a child.

When he was five or six years old, Yu Jinjian followed his grandfather to sell watermelons on the street to see how he dealt with customers. After school and winter and summer vacations, she followed her mother Wang Chunhua to various occasions to negotiate, "I like to listen to any negotiations my mother has."

She has learned a lot of skills, and she has also seen a lot of obstacles encountered by her mother. "At that time, she (Wang Chunhua) was going to open a new market, but the customers obviously didn't want to see her, so she waited downstairs for two weeks. After two weeks the client was also moved."

When Yu Jinjian was not yet an adult, her mother taught her personally, "Women must be self-improvement". The second is persistence, not afraid of failure, "In fact, the difference between people is whether they give up or not."
After high school, Yu Jinjian went abroad to study, and later went to the UK to study marketing and management. That's when her leadership wisdom began to take shape. She participated in the school-enterprise cooperation competition, led the project, and made a planning case for a food company. In 2000, they proposed the idea of separating yogurt and nuts, and finally won the first prize in the competition. Yu Jinjian spent tens of thousands The bonus of one block bought a watch for the family.

Yu Jinjian knows how to be grateful, and she cares most about her family. In those years when she was studying abroad, no matter which city she went to, she would send a postcard to her mother. She also understands her mother's insistence on silk.

In 2004, Yu Jinjian returned to his hometown and joined Huajia Group. She knows that if she wants to make a company last long, it must be empowered by the brand. Later, she started her own silk brand called Sang Luo.